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Educational Platform

Сайт за продажба на курсове, уебинари, уроци и други онлайн образователни продукти

Do you believe your knowledge can be useful to many people?


We offer a complete solution for a working educational platform that will allow you to profit from selling courses, lectures, tutorials, webinars and more.

Предимства на платформата


You choose the format

Video, text, interactive presentations. You can structure the information in the format of your choice.


Build a course to your liking

You can structure a complete course consisting of lessons, texts, videos in the order you choose.


Tests and Certificates

The system allows you to test and certify your students and build a serious educational product with additional value.


Full Access Control

You have complete control over access to educational content: paid and free courses, partially paid content, multi-course bundles and... anything you can think of.


Payment System

You can accept payment by bank transfer, card and popular payment systems.


Your Platform - Your Style

We will build the platform with a custom design that meets your requirements.


Mobile Friendly

Users will feel equally comfortable browsing the site on both computer and mobile devices.


Marketing Tools

Full integration with Facebook, Google and email marketing system to help you grow your business easily.


Quality Support

6 months after the launch of the site we take care of its maintenance for free. During this period we will train you to operate the site smoothly and independently.

Примерен сайт

Разгледайте сайта на наш клиент, който върна инвестицията си още в първия месец и продължава активно да печели от сайта си всеки ден.
Виж сайта

From 2000 EUR*

*Depending on the nature of the services you offer, you may get your investment back within 1 month.

The mentioned price includes the development of the website with the above mentioned functionalities. The price may be different according to your specific needs.

Term of implementation

Your new educational platform can be ready within 3 weeks.

The realization of any idea starts with meeting the right people

Your new educational platform can be up and running within 3 weeks.

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